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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  July 27, 2014 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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right here. study me. >> what is the danger zone for you? >> oh, there's -- for women there are three sections. you have a very, very large no go zone. women are a little bit more choosey than men. >> that is true. >> and then you have a husband zone, which is far to the right on the money matrix. hi, everybody. once the man has enough money, i'm beth troutman. it's time once again for the his appearance begins to matter best videos of the day "right not very much at all. then there's a fun zone for this minute." women too where the dude is really hot, but broke. >> that is -- >> it's true. it's true. it's horrible, but for sml a bike cam tells the story. reason this makes perfect sense. >> you have to share the roadway with cyclists. >> it does. >> these are hard truths when that's our show. thanks for joining us, everybody. we'll see you for the next you don't. everybody. we'll see you for the next edition of "rtm." >> so very close there. >> a dude tauz his chances in lightning storm. stroo guess what. >> why tempting fate can be very dangerous. >> two guys are duking it out with one of them makes a move. >> it's quite shocking.
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>> see when it turns even more revealing. >> and he is sharing his hot craze where i matrix to help you find true love and avoid the danger zone. >> this is your red-heads, strippers, anyone named tiffany. >> now meet the dude behind the dating diagram. >> my older son is going off to college. i sat him down and showed him this. pay attention. >> when you are on the road, you have to remember that when driving a car, you have to share the roadway with cyclists. especially the cyclists that are in a bicycle lane. this video was posted by 57-year-old mark cathy. he was riding his bike along highway 59 the in bolard, texas. here it is from a different angle. >> oh, gosh. was that intentional? >> that was not intentional. mark wants everybody to know it
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wasn't intentional. [ moaning ] >> he sondz hurt. >> you can clearly hear him agonizing in pain. he suffered a gash to the head, five broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and minor road rash. he says he doesn't want the driver besmirched. he posted the video just to show people to be careful when they're on the roadways. now, the driver of the truck did stop. he realized he had hit someone. he just looked in his mirror and saw behind him that somebody had taken a fall on the side of the road. eventually you do see some men approach mark and give him now at 5:00, we are following developing new out of los angeles. more than a dozen people have assistance. been struck by lightening. >> police confirm that the >> >> a wildfire burning outside driver was cited, but i want you to know it wasn't the truck that of yosemite national park is out of control. hit mark. it was the side mirror. >> a pregnant woman and her >> yeah, but that still would be husband's race to the hospital enough force to knock him down and cause that much injury. comes up short. that's all you need. >> it does just look like an how they delivered their baby right on the san francisco accident, but it could have freeway. killed this guy. >> well, the police chief said
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that the driver had no intention of hitting this man, and he felt good evening, i'm ken wayne. very, very badly about it. >> >> developing news ou >> it happens while mother nature likes to remind us that she is, in fact, the boss. well, check out one caught on camera by v ventura. he could not believe he caught this. you see that giant lightning strike. then you see a big flash of light. a big thing of smoke. it looks like this could have hit a transformer or a tree or something in bedford, new jersey. just another reminder, mother nature knows what she's doing. >> you don't want to make her angry. >> yeah. >> there we go to this guy's backyard. >> this is nice, though. >> it was nice knowing you, guys. well, guess what.
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>> honestly it's right near. >> he was about to say honestly it was just right over my head a second ago. you see boom, almost hits him. you got to be glad it's not right over your head because that would -- >> we're always happy when people film the storms to give us good video. if you're an adnturer, there's nothing like poing into your kayak and paddling down the white water. this is known as the green trust of the white salmon river in washington state. you have three kayakers out on this gorgeous water about to go over what's known as big brother falls. this tiger makes it safely, and you see his vision of his buddy. lou. lou doesn't have the same kind of experience. you see her go down the fall. the force of the water pushed her into that cave area behind the waterfall.
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she is stuck. kind of in a whirlpool of water. one of the guys, his name is nate, he is across the river. he wants to jump in and try to help. he gets caught in there too. you see ryan the guy with the helmet cam, he now is in rescue mode. suddenly you see lou and nate come into view. >> you can't swim out of there. >> the force of the water is too intins. he doesn't have a throw bag either because he fwaif a throw bag to nate before he jumped in. that's nate in the water. he throws ryan the throw bag, and ryan camps it and starts pulling nate in. it's pretty incredible to watch. even with the pulling of the rope, he still has to swim against the force of the water. >> that's why you go kayak with a buddy. that's why you watch everybody go through this step by step. you never just paddle along just for fun. this is serious stuff you're putting yourself. you have to make sure that all your friends get through and you
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have a rescue plan in place. >> watch as he finally gets loose. [ bleep ] stwroo she's trying to save her kayak, but it's just not possible with the force of that water. nate isn't falling back in, and you have ryan here trying to make sure that both of his buddies are okay and safe, but finally he pulls the boat to safety. everybody is okay. this is all posted. stwloo it's one of the things you dry off and have a cup of coffee and just be thankful that you made it out. i have a video of a fight on the street. these two guys mad at each other for something. we don't know. it doesn't matter. >> oh, jeez. >> very typical moves. they keep throwing punches that they miss. >> these are not experts. >> definitely not experts. as the fight progresses there's a move that i did not see coming that's quite shocking. there you go. see, they're like pulling on each other, and they're heading towards that building.
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watch this move. >> he pantsed him sfwloosh he pantsed him. the opponent. watch as the fight doesn't end while this guy is now butt naked. >> giving us a very clear view of his bahoone wr. we get a full frontal shot too. >> wron who has the advantage. if you are the guy that pulled the pants off the other guy, maybe you don't want to touch him now. maybe the pantsless guy might have the advantage here. running after him like -- >> right. right. >> now i wish i knew why they were fighting to see if it was worth it to have your junk out there for the world to see, and i do mean world. this video is clearly getting a lot of attention for very obvious reasons. >>. some kids paint their rooms and their little sister in a
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video to make you say holy moly. >> now dad reveals the story behind one sneaky decorating job. >> what we are really concerned about now is when we don't hear anything. >> plus, big, bad, and beastly. >> he is the second man to successfully back flip a mega truck. >> what happened with this stunt is not done successfully. >> oh, no. rgizizing, electrifying and unaware of personal boundaries. anand d nonow w hehe's's h heree product that does two things. beberoroccccaaaaaaaaaaaaa! flfla-a-popow.w..... m mel sharpness support... flfla-a-popow.w..... p phl energy support... .....t.togogetetheher r anand y brock spedwell can explain it. beberoroccccaaaaaaaaaaaaaa beberoroccccaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
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guys, this video is just awesome in all of its awfulness. >> wow. >> oh, mygod. >> this is the home of carrie and ryan noble's, and they thought they were getting to sleep in for a few minutes, but their kids, luke and clara, found some paint in the closet. it's all over the floor, but look. they painted the baby. >> this is epic. >> mom, carrie, is behind the camera, and she found remarkably calm. you hear mom say that this is acrylic supposedly washable paint, but we can fiend out because we have dad ryan noble via skype. he is an anchor at wwbt nbc 12 in richmond, virginia. welcome to the show.
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so sorry. >> thanks for having me. >> your wife is so calm in this video. please tell me what it was like before this camera started rolling. >> this is definitely the calm after the storm because i woke up to just her screaming bloody murder. >> did the kids give an explanation as to what they were trying to pull off with this artistic rendition? >> it's nontoxic paint. i want to make that clear. there was no real danger to them. we had it hid in a closet in a place we didn't think anybody could get to. my oldest daughter clara who was 4 years old planned it the night before. she waited until her brother woke up the next morning to get in on the action together. >> i imagine you must be on pins and needles any time they're giggling in the next room sfwloosh they hit the ground running, as most toddlers do. they were eerily quiet that morning, including the littlest one who usually rats the other two out when they're up to no good. >> what's going to happen with all of the stuff?
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>> for the most part everything was salvaged. it just took a really long time to do it because of the volume of it. from start to finish it was four hours to clean. we might have had to paint a wall or two. >> have they seen the video. do they know how it's being received? >> we really don't want them to know how people are reacting to it positively just for the future. my daughter in particular was head to toe in the paint. she said she was trying to be a loun. she looked like a really scary clown. >> really quickly, was essie involved. she could have let us know by screaming and crying. i think she was just as complicity as the other two. they have you outnumbered, and you are paying the price. ♪ especially if you own a monster truck, the back flip video from busted knuckle film. look at that big old bad looking truck.
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>> looks like an old tram tractor or something. >> it's cool looking. >> it is cool looking. >> watch this. >> oh, that's sweet. >> this is a truck of swrimy derek. he is the second man to successfully back flip a mega truck at the west georgia mud park. >> think about how much weight that is. >> do you think the drivers are employing to find a way like trying to get more. >> it's four-wheel drive that pulls them up and over. the truck, though, doesn't do this without some damage. you can hear the truck kind of rev towards the end. looks like he broke the drive train there a little bit. doesn't go anywhere after. swrimy is out, and he is unjufrd. >> he is not the only one to try it. >> here's al abercrombie. it's this truck called adrenaline rush. >> oh, no. >> that's bad. >> a little bit of a mark there. >> the wheels fall off. >> well, it's pretty cool too. watch what happens. adrenaline rush hits that, again, near vertical wall. this is the shocks just smashing
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off right at the top of the truck. then when the truck smacks down on its rear wheels, that just gives it enough gravity to rip the whole thing right off stwloosh that thing is not in good shape. >> she's not going to drive out of that. >> no. you may remember her from the hills. now she's back with a health where i baby approved meat ball recipe. >> kale, turkey, and quinoa. plus, a baby brown bear is ready for his close-up. see what happens when the cub gets a little too curious. >> thank you. avav
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closed captioning provided by -- welcome back to the show. don't forget to check out right this good videos all darn day long. enswroi. >> it's hard not to like a good meat ball. meat balls are delicious. >> hi, guys.
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this is wednesday, and that means we have a new video up, and i would like to introduce to you my mef use dillon. >> if you recognize lo, it's because she appeared on "the hills" and also "laguna beach." she has a recipe for what i think are probably really delicious meat balls. they are kale, turkey, and quinoa. >> so they're good for you meatballs. >> and 10-month-old nephew dillon approved. >> that's her nephew because he looks just like her. >> he really does. >> she does have a blog where she shares the entire recipe, but essentially chop up your onion, mash up some garlic, croutons. you dry the quinoa, and mince up the kale. once that's done, wash your hands and then start smashing it all together, and shen he she
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makes her meatballs, and then she fries them all around so the turkey is completely cooked. once they're pretty much cooked, she has a little bit of butter just to give it additional flavor. that's basically it. >> those look good. >> don't they look delicious. >> you could just eat them just like that like in a big bowl. >> that's how she served it to dillon xshgs does he like it? he does. >> i like them. >> dillon, yeah. ♪ a group of wildlife photographers were taken out. they're in a river bed. notice they have some company. >> a brown bear cub. it's not like a teeny tiny bear cub.
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>> what do you think about this, buddy? thank you. don't do that. >> took a swipe at that gopro. according to brad, this cub while it's a cub, it can be danger ares because they're pretty powerful, and he thinks the thing just came over to see what it is. >> yeah, we know this area really well. just a little curious cub. it's okay. >> we're almost nearby, but she didn't seem to get concerned. >> she knows he wants to test out people. >> eventually he walks off. >> what could seem dangerous to us are just bears being bear. >> it's natural bear behavior. >> out here on the river salmon are coming in. bears fish. beautiful. >> wow. he is breaking down. >> crazy matrix. >> what dudes need to know before going for the ladies. >> this is your red heads, your strip ares, anyone named tiffany. see that going down in
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the cleanly dorm room. if you are a dude, how do you find the right lady? wouldn't it be ease wrer if there were some sort of chart that could help us figure out who is right for us? well, guess what, according to these guys, that exists. this is on the youtube channel. he has a wildly popular youtube channel about tactical firearms training. right? the guy you're seeing in this tie, that is his attorney david mcclendon, and dana has developed something he calls -- >> hot, crazy matrix. it's what you need to know about how to analyze the situation that you may be in or want to be in. >> i got to point out this is a little bit more of a detailed version of the hot crazy scale that you may have seen on the hit show how i met your mother. it starts out with you got the crazy axis and the hot axis. the crazy axis -- >> it's measured from four to ten because there's no woman that's not at least four crazy.
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>> he has different areas of this graph. for example, the no go zone. >> we do not hang around and date and marry women who are not at least in our mind a five. >> he goes on to tell us about the fun zone. >> above a five and to about an eight and below the crazy line, this is your fun zone. >> after fun zone comes the danger zone. >> this is your red heads, strippers, anyone named tiffany. >> now, notice that there's still some of the chart left to fill in. >> this is your date zone. there are good-looking, and there are reasonably not crazy most of the time. >> bottom right corner is what we have left. they're going to split that into two final spots, right? >> this is your wife zone. >> the really small zone is the wife zone. >> wife zone is small, but you know what's even smaller? >> what? >> the zone that comes left. below five crazy, and above an
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eight hot. this is your unicorn zone. these things don't exist. if you find the unicorn, please capture it safely, keep it alive. we would like to study it and maybe look at how to replicate that. >> we have ian mcclendon here to tell us about the hot crazy matrix. where did you come up with this idea? >> i have been a divorce lawyer for 20 years, and i have been married for 22. this is just a product of lig the life of a divorce lawyer and a guy that's been married for a long time. sfla do you show that this chart to your client and say where does your soon to be ex-wife, where does she fall? >> i have, and i have also shared it with my son and their friends. my older son is going off to college this fall. i sat hem down and showed him this. pay attention. >> it's funny. i'll give that to you. it's funny, but i do have my issues with it. >> where do you fall? >> unicorn.
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